Direct Mail

EDDM & Direct Mail Campaigns

Articulate your brand through the mail. With all the noise of email, internet, cell phones, chatting and instant everything, getting something in the mail can be a breath of fresh air.

Shelton Turnbull is your one-stop-shop for planning, designing, printing, and mailing your marketing campaigns. With changing strategies and USPS requirements it can be hard to keep up with what will make your message or even invoice stand out. Let our experts help guide the way and make your next project a success.

A few of our direct mail services include:

  • Targeted direct mail campaigns
  • Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)
  • Personalized variable campaigns
  • Use of our corporate bulk mail permit
  • Drop mail services
  • Coordination of hand collating projects
  • Coordination of machine inserting projects
  • Mailing list management:
    • De-duping of addresses
    • Verifying addresses against USPS database for accurate delivery
    • Compliance verification against USPS requirements
    • Full-service NCOA processing
    • Verified address list returned to customer for future prospecting

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