Green Solutions

Shelton Turnbull is your local Green Solutions print provider

Our commitment to sustainability begins with our desire to minimize our environmental footprint in an industry that is typically not green.  We strive to offer green alternatives to all of our customers as well as utilizing green solutions as a standard within our production facility. For this reason we have adopted a diverse range of eco-friendly practices including tree plantings, vegetable based inks, smart disposal of waste and, of course, recycling.  Even our location is green, as our building neighbors one of Eugene's protected wetlands.

By utilizing this wide range of environmentally sound practices; Shelton Turnbull helps our clients to make a big impact with their printing needs while leaving a lighter footprint on the earth and a little less behind. 

Shelton Turnbull, you local Green Solutions print provider is:

  • RE:Think Certified
  • Certified Ancient Forest Friendly
  • Gold Certified Green Business through Green America
  • Powered by Renewable Energy
  • Source FSC Certified Paper from FSC Certified Manufacturers
  • Uses Low VOC Soy Based Inks
  • Recycle all printing plates, trim paper and cardboard

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