Marketing Tips for the New Year




As Marketers our last week of the year is a time to reflect, prepare and of course celebrate our accomplishments.  Below are a few tips to prepare for another amazing year.

Branding Consistency

If you’re like most businesses you are constantly going through a regrowth period.  Establishing and constantly updating your brand to reflect your target audience, industry trends and possibly a few tricks that you may have up your sleeve.  Reviewing all of your marketing and sales materials at least annually for verbiage and branding consistency is crucial for others to understand who you are and what you are offering to them.  Consistency is the key word here.  Do you get the feel that you are consistent as a marketer?  When you look at all of your ads, brochures, direct mail campaigns, website, landing pages, events, etc.?  Go back to your mission or main goal, did you meet or exceed those expectations through your messaging?  If you can’t come to a clear answer on your own, listen to the numbers.  Stats don’t lie.

Evaluate your Plan

Let’s face it, plans change!  However, benchmarks and most goals do not.  Did you hit yours?  If yes, congratulations!  If not, why?

Chances are you have already built your 2016 Marketing Plan, so now that you’re looking back you can use this information of what happened and why to determine if you should already be modifying your 2016 plan accordingly.  Was there a goal that got cancelled due to budget, engineering or production needs?  When will those cancellations be lifted so that you can continue your plan?

My advice is, write an annual goal, and then break it down by quarter with potential red flags built into it.  Plan for changes before they happen and be prepared with a backup marketing plan for the “what if’s” that could arise.  Always protecting your ongoing brand perception within the market you serve.

Customer & Prospect Filtering

CRM databases can become dirty over time.  Now that it’s slower and you have time to pull and filter data without causing interruption to your sales and management teams.  It’s a good time to take a thorough look at the data to filter or clean it so that your 2016 plans actually reach the right people at the right time to make a desired effect to your sales organization.  Setup drip marketing campaigns based on filters or triggers that sales would input to minimize manual data manipulation when trying to execute a campaign.  Thinking strategically is the key here.

Fine Tune Your List of Resources -

As you plan for the New Year, remember your resources.  Shelton Turnbull is more than just a print provider; we are a value added print and promotional products provider that can help you work through many of the above plans or concerns. Where can print take your business?

Best wishes for the New Year, it’s going to be a great one!