5 Tips for Business Gift Giving

It's that time of year again. The months are rushing by, the holiday parties and commitments are picking up and you've been asked to coordinate the companies holiday cards and gifts. If you're looking to make the process easy and a success these tips are for you.

1.Make it Useful

Consider the term trinkets and trash. Then consider your own office at the holidays, how much “trash” is delivered with plenty of good intentions that you never use? Rethink useful by evaluating your customers, their age, hobbies, interests, even what you have seen in their office during previous visits. You certainly don’t want to send more golf memorabilia to the golf fanatic with an office full of golf stuff that has everyone else’s logo on it. Make your gift useful and stand out in the crowd of trinkets and trash.

2.Gifts as a Marketing Tool
You know the saying, “It’s the thought that counts”? Don’t forget that when giving holiday business gifts. It’s very easy to get caught up in sending a basket of cookies or something standard, but how is that making your company relevant to the customer and what ROI is it producing? Yes, gifts can and should be given with the intent of producing future ROI.

Strategically thinking about what gift you give and its purpose as it relates to your business and marketing objectives can make all the difference. Consider what your company sells, can you offer something of yours as a trial product or service to ultimately gain more exposure to who you are and what you do? Can you offer something that complements your business offering that someone would keep around and use and therefore think of you and your business when they use it or someone comments on the item?

Bottom line; use your gift as a marketing tool. After all, it is the thought that counts.

Once again we’ll consider cookies as a gift, they might be yummy and even a convenient item for you to supply. However, once your customer’s bellies are full and the plate of cookies gone, all they will remember is how they should not have eaten so many cookies. The next day, your kind gesture is completely gone. When you personalize an item, say, a tray that the cookies go on or a custom tin, your brand stays behind with future use beyond the cookies. 

On another note, most companies send holiday cards. It’s easy to pull out the corporate message that you’ve used every year and just put a new pretty cover on, but is that even worth the expense of the postage stamp when you consider what it’s doing for your top of mind awareness? Consider a photo card, include a personal or group picture, names and a personalized variable message to your customer that shows you care about them, you want them to personally know who you and your team are, and you took time to create something for them. Overall, personalization shows you care!

4.Make a statement!
One size does not fit all in most cases and with business gift giving that is certainly true. Take time to strategize, group your customers by level of sales volume, potential sales volume and prospect potential. Then evaluate your overall budget and amount to spend by group. Once you have a thorough breakdown you can find the perfect unique, useful and personalized gift that makes a statement that you mean business!

The most basic rule for all sales professionals, but often something that is widely overlooked in gift giving is to follow-up. Think of it as the perfect excuse to call your customer with a purpose vs a cold call; you’re simply checking in to verify the gift was received by the contact and personally wish them a happy holidays. Have a few minutes of welcomed chit chat and real bonding, people are typically more warm and fuzzy during the holidays. Take advantage of this building connection to set up a lunch meeting or reconnect on a particular project after the holidays.

Shelton Turnbull is your local Green Solutions print and promotional products provider. Our seasoned staff understands the print and promo industry and how to best use these tools to personalize your holiday gift and card giving experience, while keeping your budget intact and the overall process simplified. Contact us today to get started building ideas and projects that your customers will remember.