Strategic Certifications for Sustainable Growth

Shelton Turnbull has strategically chosen certifications which support our long term goals of sustainable business practices and promoting environmentally friendly printing awareness. 

BRING RE:think 
Shelton Turnbull is a proud leader of sustainable business practices within Lane County. Our commitment to continual improvement within operations, recycling, energy efficiency and conservation, maintaining an active bio swale and employee programs shows that we are dedicated to environmentally sound practices within all areas of our business. Learn More. 
EWEB Greenpower 
Shelton Turnbull actively takes steps to minimize energy consumption from out equipment, lighting, and HVAC systems on a consistent basis. Additionally, we voluntarily invest into EWEB’s 100% Greenpower business program to support clean, sustainable energy and encourage renewable energy products within our community. Learn More.
Green America 
Green America certifies business that are committed to using business a platform for social change. Shelton Turnbull is a Gold Certified Green Business, which shows that we go above and beyond the basic standards in every facet of our work. We are recognized as leaders in our industry by embedding social responsibility into our company DNA. Learn More.