The Power of Print!

Do you consider print a dying or dead commodity? You may want to reconsider…

Depending on your company focus and direction you may have been one of the thousands that thought print was dead. Why would someone need datasheets, brochures, even business cards when we all have a perfectly good smart phone to look up whatever we want on-demand? However, contrary to the gossip, print may actually be in a rebirth period.

  • Consider the power of drip marketing, which cannot effectively be done without a direct mail piece. You’re probably thinking direct mail is expensive – not necessarily!
  • Consider the benefits of mailing or leaving behind a solid and unique brochure with that targeted key client. Expensive, right? Wrong!
  • How about graphics? Trade shows are still thriving.
  • And promotional products; these are practically a necessity to almost any business in one form or another. From apparel to trinkets, even a nice holiday gift. Unnecessary cost, right? Wrong!

While the production of print may be more expensive in a lot of ways, the pioneers in the printing industry, like Shelton Turnbull, have found and continue to work with clients to get the most bang for the buck. This includes selecting nontraditional paper, green options, soy based inks and even new and improved print techniques. The long discussion of energy efficient machines and process is one which will stop you from reading on, but rest assured the production side of printing is always being refined to be less expensive, which balances out the overall cost to the consumer.

When considering paper, ink and other materials within this process the consumer is also given the opportunity to make their printing as unique as their company. Taking benefit from standing out with a brochure, trade show banners, product manuals, even a simple business card through new concepts is the rebirth of print.

So, is print dying or dead? Definitely not! Print is in rebirth and those savvy, out of the box marketers will prevail by being those who adopt and benefit from this unique positioning which we are in currently.