Let’s Get Graphic!

There is something to be said about seeing the reaction of a customer when they see their creation on paper for the first time. Where you can actually hold, see and feel the way the colors play off of each other, the surroundings, different lighting, and all of those components work together in a way that the graphics almost pop off the page…Whew, magical!

I have experienced this multiple times in the shop. From which, I have come to have a special appreciation for the experience. Print is someone’s art and the way we operate is a vital part of the experience! As such, it’s important to understand the print techniques and technology that go into bringing these works of art to life to better appreciate what it is that commercial printers do.

Let’s consider your options for a printer and the technology that each has. Starting with the most common thing I hear in my profession, “Why does it cost that much and why does it take so long to produce?”

Option 1
Choose a local walk-in copy center that uses digital copiers. About the only thing you will experience are faster turn times and possibly a less expensive bill in the end. For your basic text print jobs such as book reports or basic copies, these places are a perfectly good alternative. They help students or businesses with small quantities and immediate deadlines. However, if you want to add any graphics, custom folding, binding or other finishing techniques to set your piece apart from the noise of marketing material, all you’ll have on your hands is a MESS! Typically, these quick jobs use cheaper paper and in terms of paper, quality does matter. They often use a lower quality copier machine which means color and the way it is applied to the paper is not as vibrant. Finishing techniques are often not done properly, such as scoring before folding to reduce cracking. While many other finishing options like varnish, foil, complex collating and binding are not even available. So you will have a fast and cheap product that could reflect your brand as fast and cheap.

Option 2
Choose a local commercial printer that specializes in quality and sustainable business practices. You’ll experience a friendly personable staff that gets to know you and your brand. A name and face that you can remember and depend on. You’ll work with this person to understand what you want to print and the various options available for you to choose from. Those include paper, ink, printing options/techniques, finishing techniques, etc. Commercial printers also offer prepress and proofing services which help guarantee your design will print successfully. The difference is the entire process will be focused around your needs and your desired outcome with the addition of our 90+ years of expertise and guidance to help you produce the best piece for the money you are looking to spend. For flexibility, we also offer commercial grade digital printing.

If your print job is truly a reflection of your business, a statement, a work of art; do you want to leave that to a printer that does not have the ability to produce the quality of work that your brand deserves?

Where can print take you? Contact the print experts at Shelton Turnbull today, we’re anticipating the opportunity to meet and work with you.